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Residence permit; issue and extension

A foreigner who applies for asylum is in principle permitted to stay in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany during the asylum procedure.


The certificate of temporary residence (§ 63 AsylG) is issued to asylum seekers for the duration of the asylum procedure. It certifies a lawful stay during the asylum procedure, but - unlike the residence permit, for example - it is not a residence title.

It is based on the fundamental right to asylum (Article 16a of the Basic Law) and the provisions of the Asylum Act (see service "Asylum Procedure; Application for Asylum" and "Related Topics"). These regulations are enforced solely by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bundesamt).

As long as the foreigner is obliged to live in the reception centre, the Federal Office is responsible for issuing the residence permit; otherwise, the foreigners authority to whose district the residence permit is restricted or in whose district the foreigner is to take up residence is responsible.

The residence permit is initially limited to the district of the foreigners authority in which the competent reception centre is located or in whose district the asylum seeker is obliged to take up residence (§ 56 Asylum Act). Exceptions to this are possible in accordance with §§ 57 and 58 AsylG. The territorial restriction expires by operation of law if the foreigner has been staying in the Federal territory for three months without interruption on a permitted, tolerated or authorised basis. This does not apply if the foreigner's obligation to live in the reception centre responsible for his or her admission continues (§ 59a Asylum Act). In the case of criminals, suspects of narcotics offences, if concrete measures to terminate residence are imminent or if the foreigner poses a considerable danger to internal security or to the life and limb of third parties, the spatial restriction may be ordered again (section 59b Asylum Act).

An asylum seeker who is not (or no longer) obliged to live in a reception centre and whose livelihood is not secured is, as a rule, nevertheless obliged to take up his or her habitual residence in an allocated place (so-called residence requirement).


The certificate of residence is issued when an application for asylum has been filed. It is extended if a decision on the asylum application has not yet been taken or if appeals are still pending.



Required documents

  • Required document, Bavaria-wide: National identification documents (to the extent available)



Legal bases


  • Asylverfahren

    Informationen des Bundesamts für Migration und Flüchtlinge

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Status: 19.05.2021

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium des Innern, für Sport und Integration

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