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School-leaving qualification; Recognition

The recognition of secondary-education academic achievements obtained abroad is limited to the recognition of the school-leaving qualifications. Under certain conditions such school-leaving qualifications may be assessed as equal to a German school-leaving qualification.


The Office for the Recognition of Certificates, Diplomas and Credentials (Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle) for the Free State of Bavaria is the Bavarian state authority in charge of the assessment of school certificates or diplomas acquired through non-Bavarian school-leaving qualifications: as documentary evidence of: general university entrance qualification; university of applied sciences entrance qualification; General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE); or 9th Grade Education Certificate. The decisions are issued on behalf of the Bavarian State Department for Education and Cultural Affairs.

Bavarian students wishing to acquire a certificate of university entrance qualification in a foreign country should first consult with the Office for the Recognition of Certificates, Diplomas and Credentials about the conditions mandatory for the later recognition of their school certificate or diploma in Germany according to the assessment principles of the Standing Conference of Secretaries of Education (KMK). Academic achievements obtained before completion of a person's educational career will not be accepted for recognition procedures by a public authority. The decisions about the assessment of students who have not yet completed their educational career and wish to continue their education career at a German school are made by the competent school administration in consultation with the competent supervisory school authority – usually following a trial lesson.

Required documents

  • School certificates or diplomas either as (foreign-language) original documents or as officially certified photocopies of the (foreign-language) original documents

    • In particular cases, presentation of the school certificates or diplomas exclusively as (foreign-language) original documents may be necessary.
    • Official authentications bearing an official seal can be obtained e.g. from a notary public or municipal administration office.
    • School certificates or diplomas drafted neither in the German, English or French language and writing also require a translation. The translation must be made by a court-certified, publicly appointed and officially accredited and translator and submitted as an original document. German translations made in a foreign country must have been legalized by the German Embassy in that country or by a German consulate.

  • A photocopy of the person's identity card or passport containing the personal data and, where applicable, a photocopy of the change-of-name certificate

    If you have more than one nationality, be sure to specify all of your nationalities and to submit one (1) photocopy of each of your passports. Ethnic German repatriates are additionally obliged to prove their status by presenting their displaced person's certificate or repatriate's certificate either as an original document or an officially certified photocopy.

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Specification of a contact address in the Federal Republic of Germany (if possible)


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